New business? 5 easy steps to make the process easier…

Setting up a new business is TOUGH WORK. I’ve been in exactly the same position as you so I completely understand! There are a thousand and one things you have to think about when you’re setting up a new business and I know how overwhelming it can seem.

I know that when I started my company I was thinking of all the must haves that I needed to do and the thought of doing anything like marketing was one step too far for me – and I’m a marketing professional! This is very typical so don’t feel bad if this is you. But I’m here to tell you that you need to be on the case with marketing. The only way you will get people in front of your product is through doing marketing. It’s going to seem overwhelming but here are 5 easy ways to get you going.

So here are 5 things that I want to share with you to help you process all this new information and start thinking about marketing. If you want any more information on how to do any of/all of these then please get in touch.


  1. Make a list

Of absolutely every single thing that you need to do before you’re ready to go live and then split these tasks down into the number of weeks you have left. You then have a proactive, measurable and documented pathway to getting your work done.

*top tip: Do not fill all the weeks in the lead up to the launch as otherwise, if for whatever reason you don’t get what you want done in the week you have room to move.


  1. Be accountable

Tell someone what you’re doing. Share with someone each week your to-do list and tell them how you’re getting on. A friend, partner, coach, parent – whoever you think will be able to pull you up and help you understand why you haven’t achieved what you haven’t and how you can get more done!


  1. Target your audience

No doubt you’ve been through this when you wrote your original business plan, but everything you do when it comes to marketing your business (and you do absolutely need to do marketing if you want your business to succeed) needs to be specific to your audience. Marketing is never a blanket approach; marketing is specific and 9 times out of 10 measurable.


  1. Short, mid and long term

Create a short, mid and long-term marketing plan. A launch is all very well and good, but the excitement of your launch will run out pretty sharpish so you need to know what comes next. As with any new business, time, money and resource is often very limited so it’s good to think about what you can achieve now, say in a years time and then 5 years time.


  1. Don’t panic

As I said – I’ve been there, I’ve done it, I know how stressful it is. But you can do it! The key is to break it down into bite sized chunks so you aren’t attempting to do 50,000 things all at once. The other option is to work with me (duh!). I can help you with your planning, I can help you with social media, creating a strategy looking at your website, creating engaging messaging and generally calming you down.


Get in touch with me today – or call 07890 689 957

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