Who are you talking to?!

I have been speaking to so many people recently who are just totally confused as to why they aren’t mega rich after launching a product or service. Now I don’t mean painfully slogging away after months and months of hard work – I mean literally after pressing ‘GO’ on the launch and waiting all of one day or a week or two.

Listen to me when I say – Beyonce wasn’t built in a day!

I mean she just really, really wasn’t! The thing about social media and the fact that people’s stories are so accessible on the web, is that we think to ourselves, wow that Steve Jobs guy, well he did it and seemed to do it over night so that’s going to be me too. And the other thing about social media is that it lies. Not out right, no one likes a liar, but it makes gives you a false impression of people’s life. You think that everyone is running at 100mph and achieving everything in a blink of an eye. I can assure you they aren’t.

This sounds all very doom and gloom but it’s true – I’m not trying to make out that these people haven’t done amazing things and yeah I’m sure some people really do turn rock star over night but they would have had to put the work in. Let’s just be realistic and practical about life and how we can get to where we want to be.

So where are you? Have you just launched a product or service? Have you got a product or service ready to launch? If either of these options sound like you – let’s get to the bottom of how you are going to make this a success. I’m not going to go through the whole process; if you want that then you’re just going to have to get in touch with me! But what I’m going to do is give you the #1 thing you have to consider. In fact don’t just consider it, work with it, act on it and spend some TIME on it. It’ll be worth it I promise you.


That’s it. No really. Just that.

The end.

No I’m kidding, I’ll help you more than that.

The bottom line is – no matter what you created, unless it’s actually for a purpose, for someone’s purpose it’s useless. Even if you think it’s the best thing in the whole world. If no one wants it, or even if they do want it but they don’t know they want it, or don’t know why they would want it – then it’s useless. Do you see?

So this is going to help you show your target audience(s) that your product or service is exactly what they want/need.

Task one: Find your target audience 

  1. Split up onto different sheets of paper all of the people your product/service would interest. So for example you’re selling an online course about financial advice.
    1. Sheet one – Those over the age of 50 approaching retirement
    2. Sheet two – First time buyers
    3. Sheet three – People with no pension who want to start their savings
    4. Sheet four…. You get the idea

What you are doing here is creating client profiles. These are essential as they help you to understand who these invisible people are you’re selling to.

Task two – what part of the service you’re offering suits that audience? 

  1. Make a list or spider diagram or whatever you like to show all the reasons why those people would want a particular element of your service
    1. Sheet one
      1. They want to make sure their family is secure financially when they die
      2. They want to ensure they have enough money to go on holiday/pay off the house
    2. Sheet two
      1. How can they get a mortgage
      2. How can they ensure they start saving for a good retirement

Task three – where are you going to find them? 

Now you’ve got your audience and their interests in your product/service. How are you going to reach them?

  1. Make a list of all the places where they may go/look where you could advertise your services?
    1. Sheet one – Those approaching retirement. Could you find them reading a particular paper, looking at a particular TV programme? Reading a particular magazine?

Task four – how are you going to communicate with them? 

So now you have the where, you can now think about the how.

  1. You’ve decided you need to get into a magazine; well you’d need an article or an advert. If you’ve decided social media then again you’d need an advert or a LinkedIn or Facebook page…

Task five – why do they care? 

The last thing to do is to think about in all of this – why do they care about you or what you’re selling?

  1. This is a good opportunity to go through each sheet and think to yourself
    1. Why you?
    2. Why this product?
    3. How do you compare against the competition?

Remember with this exercise, this is a self-love exercise, not a doom and gloom I don’t know! You have a lot to offer and a lot to give, so let’s think strategically for each group and be brutal with yourself and your services.

So there you go! That’s it. Now you have this information – this will feed your messaging, it will feed your marketing activity and it will help you create products and services that meet a need or a want.

Get in touch with me today for ways that you can implement this for your company today. Can’t wait to hear from you – jenni@marketmecoaching.com

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