Vision & Mission

Who is Market Me coaching?

We are here to help you to make transformative decisions about the future


I work with clients empowering them to effectively market themselves into in their desired industry, enabling them to make transformative decisions about their future.


I am committed to help clients unlock their individual gifts and skills to find direction in their business, to enable them to better market themselves for their desired purpose; whether that is working towards a new opportunity or launching their business, or initiative into market.


  • Empowerment – helping clients harness their skills and gifts
  • Innovation – seeking ways to help clients discover original and interesting solutions
  • Understanding – taking the time to focus on clients, to ensure that solutions are personal and suitable
  • Passion – inspiring others with excellence, to always retain an air of interest and celebration
  • Impact – ensuring that all clients revel in their achievements knowing they have made an impact
  • Wellbeing – not just my own, but I want this to radiate out of my clients lives too