My approach to marketing coaching

Every client coach relationship is different and this is one of the things that I pride myself on – my one size does not fit all approach.

With a huge list of services that I can offer you – how do we go about it?

Well – it starts with you and a free consultation. In this consultation we will discuss your current situation, what you think you need and any input from me in terms of what else I think you could benefit from.

From here we will discuss the coaching sessions, how we will use the services, what you can expect to achieve from the time we work together and our first session booked in.

My coaching sessions last 1 hour and cost £20+. However, if we book in for a number of sessions with specific outputs, this will be costed up for you and agreed in advance. If you book for consecutive sessions discounts will of course apply!

I am a young woman, who has had nearly 10 years of experience in industry and is passionate about helping people achieve their dreams. As corny as that sounds (which, I realise really does sound corny) it’s a huge driver of mine to learn about you, your business and provide a solution that meets your needs. This will be reflected in the work we do together and the services that I provide to you.

Get in touch today to see how I can help you fulfil your business goals – via email or call me on 07890 689 957.